What are Rhythm Beads?

So what are Rhythm Beads, Horse Beads, Horse Necklaces or Speed Beads?  Today they are used as a training aid used frequently by Natural Horsemanship trainers, Endurance Riders, Dressage Riders and horse lovers to find a natural drug free way of calming focussing your horse.

When people first emigrated from Europe to the United States of America they started to trade with the native people.  Part of this trade was made with small, colourful glass beads known as Pony Beads.  The native horsemen used these beads to adorn their horses.  They used different colours to bring good fortune or protection.

To this day when you see carriage horses on the streets of busy cities or sleigh horses, bells are still used to help horses not only be heard approaching, but to help horses focus and feel calm in busy environments.

How can Rhythm Beads help you and your horse?

Rhythm Beads can help re-focus the spooky or nervous horse.  By listening to the sound of the bells horses "zone out" the noise around them.  They start to listen to you more rather than worry about the sounds around them.

Another benefit of riding with Rhythm Beads is that wildlife can hear your approach.  This advance warning of your horses approach can prevent wildlife from bolting in front of you and your horse.

It is not just the ridden equine that benefits from the use of Rhythm Beads. There is an fast growing movement of horse owners and lovers that do not ride their horses for various reasons from their equine partner no longer able to be ridden or those who choose a different relationship with horses.  Rhythm Beads can help calm horses when introducing them to ground and liberty work.  Also imagine a lovely country walk with your horse accompanied by the sound of gentle bells.  If you are interested in finding out more about the non ridden horse please visit TheNonRiddenEquineAssociationuk.org or resources, support and further information.

Rhythm Beads can help the rider as well.  Nervous or anxious riders find the sound of the bells soothing, helping them relax and keep in rhythm with the horse.  This in turn helps the horse gain confidence from you and vice versa. Rhythm beads are particularly useful for the disabled as well as the able bodied rider.  The gentle sound of the bells is particularly useful for the new rider when learning about Rhythm and changes of pace.  Even advanced dressage horses benefit from Rhythm beads when learning cadence and flying changes.