A stunning horse necklace named after my friends ex-racehorse Push the Port, Dush to his friends!  The design features 5 large silver bells and 4 pretty filigree leaves. 


Push the Port Rhythm Beads design features pearlescent, opaque and transparant beads which together with the tibetan spacer beads creates a stunning picture which Dush hopes you like! 


The amber toned beads promote feelings of happiness, inspiring boldness, confidence and safety. 


My friend will kill me for putting up a picture of her and Dush but I think you will agree they look great together!


Adjust your beads to the perfect length using the toggle and fix clips to either the mane or saddlecloth for safety.


Your beads can be cleaned using a damp soft cloth.  Always ensure they are dry before storage.


Please never leave your horse or pony unattended whilst wearing their beads or any item of tack.


If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Push the Port!