Big Skies Rhythm Beads take inspiration from the big open plains of America and the native peoples who live there and the necklaces that they adorned their horses with.  The colours of this design are taken from the pony beads that european immigrants used to trade with the native peoples.


A simple, yet stunning design that compliments any coat colour.  This design features five silver bells and silver tibetan accent beads.  The pony beads used on this design are all opaque.


Adjustment of your Rhythm Beads is possible via the toggle to give a perfect fit for your horse.  For added security there are two clips to prevent your beads from slipping down the horses neck.  There is enough adjustment in these to attach to your saddlecloth which is recommended.  


The beads can be cleaned by using warm soap and water and then dry thoroughly in a warm dry place.  After cleaning be sure to dry bells properly to keep them shiny and in good condition.


As with any tack please do not leave your horse unattended whilst wearing their beads.


If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Big Skies