Rhythm Beads by Time Bandit

 I have loved horses all my life....they are my passion.  But like many riders I have sometimes suffered from nerves, especially whilst out hacking.  And when I returned to riding a couple of years back after a break to raise my family, I found that the nagging worries and doubts had not gone away.

Tim (aka Time Bandit), on loan to me by a dear friend, although highly schooled and a dream to ride has his hang ups as well, in his case around sound.  He is very sound sensitive.  

I started to look into natural ways to help us both and I stumbled across Rhythm Beads.  After doing lots of reading on the subject I decided I would give Rhythm Beads a go.  

Rhythm Beads changed our lives....literally!!

From our first hack both I and my friend noticed how relaxed Tim was, he wasn't worried about the sound of cars approaching from behind him.  Even a pheasant taking to flight wasn't of concern to him. 

From here I started to design my own Rhythm Beads, At first I started to make Rhythm Beads for my friends and it grew from there.  I love designing practical, hardwearing and beautiful horse beads for you and your horse.  

All of my Rhythm Bead designs are created with the best quality products available.  All metal components are nickel, cadmium and lead free and are created with practicality and safety in mind.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please get in touch it would be a pleasure to design something for you and your horse.

Kind Regards

Moira and Time Bandit